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Sunday School
Sunday School meets at 9:00 a.m.

Bithynia Class

A traditional Sunday School model of teacher and class, this group sings a hymn each Sunday, has prayers, and uses the Adult Bible Studies series where scripture is read and commentary provided.

Did you know class collects Happy Dollars every week  with each contributor saying why they are happy that day?


The money is used to sponsor (or send) a child to the summer camp of The Peninsula Rescue Mission. We also give Christmas presents to 10 – 15 residents of the Main Street Home.

Good News Class

The Good News Class meets upstairs in room #203.  Of course, the class will continue to send cards to our homebound.


Using a roundtable discussion model, the Good News Class discusses contemporary books and videos related to current topics in Christianity.  This summer, the class is studying Adam Hamilton's book on Fear.  Later in the year, the class will begin a study on books written by Virginia pastor, Tom Berlin.

Children's Sunday School Program

The Children's Sunday School Program is ongoing.  The class meets upstairs.  We customize the day to whatever kids might be attending on any given Sunday.

Did you know that teens are welcome in any of our adult classes?  Don't let the old people scare you - they might accidentally learn something from you!

Saint Thomas Class

The Saint Thomas Class will continue to meet, upstairs in room #215, throughout the summer.

Also set up as a roundtable discussion group, this class is studying Christian books and videos brought in by class members.  Not wanting to limit their fellowship to just Sunday mornings, the Saint Thomas class has informal, dutch-treat dinner get-togethers at local restaurants once a month.


Did you know this class, along with the Good News Class, coordinates with Newport News Social Services to adopt a family in order to provide them with a nice Christmas?  This helps bring our church and God's love outside and into the community.

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